Update: How To Setup the Akai MPK88 With Sonar X2

NOTE: this is an update to my July 23, 2011 post regarding setting up the Akai MPK88 with Sonar X1. The files are the same as before; they’ve just been updated for X2.

UPDATE (posted July 14, 2015): the MPK88 files now available at the download link below are for Cakewalk Sonar X1, X2 and X3. They may work with previous or later versions of Cakewalk Sonar. However, since I’ve not used them in those versions, I can’t say for sure that they will.

Akai MPK88Having had some difficulty myself and seeing posts on several internet forums from other frustrated users, I thought I’d post directions on how to setup the Akai MPK88 MIDI controller to be used with Sonar X2.

Below is a link to download a set of files including directions on how to setup the MPK88 and Sonar X2 so they’ll play nice together. Also included is a Sonar X2 preset that can be loaded onto the MPK88 using the Vyzex MPK88 software editor that you can download from the Akai website. And finally, included is an MPK88 ACT MIDI Control Surface preset and directions on how to import it into Sonar X2. Enjoy!

Download Akai MPK88 Cakewalk Sonar Setup Files