Grateful Recap

Giving ThanksAs we enter a new year, there are several things from 2013 for which I’m thankful:

1. Being Alive. This year brought about an allergic reaction that I’d never had before that put me in the hospital for the first time in my life. I thought I was dying waiting for the paramedics to arrive and I had passed out by the time they arrived. My wife tells me that they were moments from intubating me, but thank God, He brought me through the entire experience. And surprisingly, the hospital food was quite good!

2. Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Health Clinics, etc. It’s rather obvious why I’m thankful for these individuals and institutions. 🙂

3. Family and Home. So thankful for the missus, our little menagerie of animals who’ve become a part of our family and a warm, cozy home.

4. Good Jobs. Both the missus and I are very blessed to have good jobs. During a time when so many are without a job, we feel very blessed and fortunate to be gainfully employed.

5. Music. I’m continually amazed at how music is not a static interest, but rather one where one’s relationship with a particular piece is always changing based upon one’s life experiences. And my taste in music seems to be ever-evolving. It’s something I didn’t expect to happen when I was younger. But I’m liking it so far!

6. Photography. 2013 brought about a new interest in photography as the missus and I were finally able to obtain a DSLR camera. This has opened up a creative outlet I’d dabbled in a little before, but hadn’t really studied in depth. I’m looking forward to learning to fully take advantage of the power of a DSLR camera and see what kinds of shots I can come up with.

Here’s looking to 2014 and all the things it will offer for which to be grateful. Happy New Year!