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Around age 6, I began to show an interest in playing piano. With encouragement and teaching from my mother I began to delve into what has become a lifelong passion for music.

As an adolescent, I discovered synthesizers from checking out a vinyl record from my local library. That record was Wendy Carlos’ Switched-On Bach and it served to stir a desire to discover how such sounds were produced and to eventually make synthesizers my primary musical instrument.

My enduring love of music includes many genres and sub-genres and I continually pull on those influences in my own work. I’m passionate about technology, incorporating as much as I can into my own studio, while at the same time maintaining an appreciation for vintage instruments and traditional methods of recording.

I also have a creative interest in the visual arts, primarily graphic design and photography, utilizing my skills in those areas in both personal and professional environments. Selections of my work can be viewed in the Galleries section of this site.