“Self Portrait” Collage

For a recent class, I was required to assemble a self-portrait collage. The final piece shown below reflects my personality in that music is a huge part of my life and has been my creative outlet for several decades. You’ll notice that this is a symbolic self-portrait rather than a literal interpretation of my actual appearance.

Self portrait collage by Karl Whetzel, 2016.

Now for a bit of explanation of the bits and pieces:

• The large “W” in the corner denotes my last name.

• The large photo on the right is of Steven Wilson who is my favorite modern musician and artist, one from whom I draw much inspiration and whom I slightly resemble (glasses, long hair, beard). So I used him as a personal likeness.

• The spigot is representative of pouring out many ideas from my mind, capturing them via recordings over the course of a lifetime into a catalog of songs.

• Not being a professional artist/musician, I’m required to project a certain business-like persona in order to make a living.

• Nevertheless, death is the inevitable end of us all which waits at the end of the board.

I arranged this so that someone looking at it will view it from left to right, life to death. A fellow classmate suggested that this would make for a good album cover. Yeah, I think she’s right. 🙂