Scale and Proportion

One of my assignments earlier this year had a goal of exhibiting distorted scale and proportion. This is what I came up with.

Okay, a surrealist I’m not. And it’s in no way a sophisticated example of photo editing/blending. But I do find it funny. Each time I go back and look at it, I get this little grin on my face. I think it’s the dinosaur riding the bicycle. Get’s me every time!

Value and Shape

This is something from a recent assignment that was an interesting exercise in shape and value. This project emphasizes the use of curvilinear shapes, specifically circles of various sizes and values. Additionally, there is extensive use of the number 75, and to a lesser extent 11, throughout the work.

Each circle is 75% the size of the next largest circle starting at 11″ for the largest circle.

Circles 1, 3 and 5 (from largest to smallest) are values of black (CYMK) that are 56, 75 and 100 respectively. 75 is of course 75% of 100 and 56 is 75% of 75.

Conversely, circles 2, 4 and 6 (from largest to smallest) are values of black (CYMK) that are 34, 19 and 11 respectively. I chose 11 for the smallest circle to coincide with the size of the largest circle. 19 is 75% more than 11 and 34 is 75% more than 34.

My goal was to achieve movement through space by placing each circle at either the 0, 90, 180 or 270 degree points of the larger circle it sits within. I did this in a clockwise manner which gives it a swirl effect. I used various values of black to bring unity to the overall design. And instead of using lines, I used value to define each shape.

Newsletter Mockup: Town of Spring Hope

A while back, I was assigned to design a mock informational newsletter promoting a rural North Carolina town. I chose Spring Hope as the primary subject and included text and stats from other previously published articles on various websites noting the source for each.

The main annual event is the Spring Hope Pumpkin Festival, held the first weekend of October, so I chose earth tones to create an autumnal feel to the entire spread. The intent would be to distribute the newsletter to residents and visitors prior to and the day of the Pumpkin Festival in order to promote living in and visiting the town.

I am pleased with the way it turned out, particularly the color selections. The text alignment was a bit tricky in spots, but with a little time and patience, it turned out rather well.

‘Til next time!

“Self Portrait” Collage

For a recent class, I was required to assemble a self-portrait collage. The final piece shown below reflects my personality in that music is a huge part of my life and has been my creative outlet for several decades. You’ll notice that this is a symbolic self-portrait rather than a literal interpretation of my actual appearance.

Self portrait collage by Karl Whetzel, 2016.

Now for a bit of explanation of the bits and pieces:

• The large “W” in the corner denotes my last name.

• The large photo on the right is of Steven Wilson who is my favorite modern musician and artist, one from whom I draw much inspiration and whom I slightly resemble (glasses, long hair, beard). So I used him as a personal likeness.

• The spigot is representative of pouring out many ideas from my mind, capturing them via recordings over the course of a lifetime into a catalog of songs.

• Not being a professional artist/musician, I’m required to project a certain business-like persona in order to make a living.

• Nevertheless, death is the inevitable end of us all which waits at the end of the board.

I arranged this so that someone looking at it will view it from left to right, life to death. A fellow classmate suggested that this would make for a good album cover. Yeah, I think she’s right. 🙂