New Music Monday: A Song Started In 2011

Here is a song that I first started writing back in 2011, thus the rather plain title “2011 09 01”. The title and date associated with it has no meaning; it’s simply the format I use when creating project files.

Yeah, it sometimes takes awhile to finish a piece of music. 🙂

When I write, sometimes a bass line inspires me. At other times a particular sound inspires me. It’s different for every song. If I remember correctly, this one started with the bass line and grew from there.

It’s only at the demo stage and I don’t think I’ll take it any further. Nevertheless, I figured why not let it see the light of day. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Vital Listening

Mutemath’s latest album “Vitals” drops tomorrow. As is wont with many bands these days, they are streaming it in advance. My physical copy doesn’t arrive until tomorrow, but I couldn’t resist taking a quick listen. Have listened to “Joy Rides”, “Remain” and “Used To” so far. And I’m liking what I hear: peppy, synth-heavy alt-rock. Nice. Very nice.

Finally Underway

Finally underway towards finishing some songs. It’s going on two years since I released anything and that’s been personally frustrating. Nevertheless, the past month or so has seen an increase in a level of creativity I’ve not had in awhile. And with a recent rearranging of my studio, that’s helped to spur things along even more.

The Lair

I’ve been able to finish one song and get it ready for mixing. Close to finishing another with at least three more in the wings ready for completion.

Looking forward to a rather productive midsummer!

New Music Tuesday: “No Form”

It’s been quite some time since I’ve released any new music, October of 2011 to be a bit more precise. So it’s with a bit of joy and gratitude to be able to offer you the latest song I’ve worked on, “No Form”. It’s a collaboration without a name, so let’s just call ourselves “No Form” for the time being and let this song be self-titled. Enjoy.

Drums: Thad Eller
Guitars: Zak Reed
Bass: Drew Wheeler
Keyboards: Karl Whetzel