Time Constraints

Time ConstraintsLately, I’ve noticed that the older I become, the quicker time seems to pass. Granted, this is to be expected. When we’re kids, having only a few years under our belt, it seems to take forever for each Christmas, birthday and summer vacation to come around. But as the years add up, our relative perspective on time continually changes. And what seemed like an almost eternal wait for the holidays now becomes, “What, it’s Christmas again already?!”.

I love learning new things and, like many people, I’m curious about the universe and how things work. I don’t want to just know about something, I want to know the ins and outs of it. I want to know why it works, how it works and where it fits in relation to other things.

But these days there doesn’t seem to be enough time to fit it all in. When I was an adolescent and a teenager, it seemed as though there was an abundance of time to delve into books and learn, practice and explore an interest and devote large chunks of time to an activity. Of course, then I didn’t have the time constraints of adult responsibilities that I have now: marriage, pets, job, home, etc. And they’re not time-consuming in a negative way. It’s just that those things require a commitment of a portion of time as anything does.

The difficulty now is deciding how to approach this challenge. Do I commit to a broad range of interests only to delve a little into each of them or do I focus on a handful of topics and dig deeply into what they have to offer? I’m going with the latter these days, I believe. To me, it’s what fits best as I prefer to know as much about something as possible. So if time and my mortality are limiting me to only explore so much, then picking a few topics, perhaps just one or two, and becoming adept at them is the way to go.

So, what are those topics, interests and activities I’ve narrowed myself down to? Well, that will make a good future post won’t it?